Gary Player Foundation

Over 25 years ago, the Player family established The Player Foundation in order to provide quality education, nutrition, medical care and sports activities to the less fortunate children living in rural areas outside Johannesburg, South Africa.

Today, through Black Knight’s four annual Gary Player Invitational (GPI) series of charity events staged in the USA, China, Europe and South Africa, the Foundation has expanded its efforts to bring hope, help and healing to impoverished communities around the world. The foundation has risen over $35 million globally, trying to make a difference for impoverished children. By partnering with local charities where GPI events are held, The Player Foundation has been able to make a real change in the lives of children through health and education initiatives.

Gary Player has always felt very strongly that we must look after our youth in order to ensure a positive future. What thus began as a small vision to educate a handful of children on Mr. Player’s farm outside Johannesburg, has now grown to support partner schools, as well as HIV orphans and crime-stricken communities in China, Europe and the USA.

Each year Black Knight International, in conjunction with The Player Foundation, manages and runs a series of prestigious golf events across the globe to raise funds for charity – the primary beneficiary being children’s causes.

Established in 1983, The Player Foundation operates as a 501 C (3) non-profit organization out of Palm Beach, Florida in the USA.

For further information, contact Debbie Longenecker, The Player Foundation at or +1 561 624 0600 or visit

Ability center for special needs

Ability Center for Special Needs is a nonprofit organization that caters to special needs students of various nationalities and ages. Our mission is to provide the inclusion for the special needs students in the society and makes them independent. The Ability Center for Special Needs receives all cases of disabilities other than autism; it also provides services such as physiotherapy and occupation therapy, speech therapy, computer classes, community outreach and family support, in addition to life experience and self-serving and more. Oversees the elite status of teachers and specialists who have extensive experience in how to deal with children with special needs. While encouraging them to engage in the community through a number of educational and recreational activities, such as swimming, horse riding, photography and laser graving are just some of the classes offered at the center. The center also follows the curriculum and individual training program after assessing each disability case separately.

Emirates Autism Center L.L.C.

Emirates Autism Centre was established in March 2007 to provide assistance and advice to parents with autistic children. The centre, which was set up by a group of parents who have autistic children, provides unique educational and rehabilitation services including diagnosis, assessment, early intervention, social, sensory and auditory integration, occupational therapy, speech therapy, art and computer education, camps, professional workshops, and home economics. Autism is a development disorder that affects children within the first three years of life, impairing communication and social interaction skills, accompanied by repetitive behavioral patterns.